ITBoost Dashboards

Visualize everything!

Clean and standardized documentation is vital to any MSP’s success. With our awesome new interface you no longer have an excuse for poor documentation! Having a user intuitive platform allows you to have access to everything you need from any device, anywhere.

Documentation at it’s best! period.

Our primary goal is to provide all IT Service Providers and IT Departments with a centralized documentation platform which not only helps with achieving higher efficiency but also more productivity. We are unique, because we offer that, and so much more in a single pane of glass. THD allows you to have an in-depth look at your business by standardizing customer documentation along with their assets, tickets, passwords and feedbacks - all in one easy place to find.

Transform data into actionable insight.

Don’t just guess at how you’re doing, know exactly when you’re doing right, or wrong. Use business intelligence throughout the platform and use the insights to instantly make an informed decision. Each user can customize their own dashboards to suite their role and business need.

Don’t just listen to your customer - do something about it.

Tracking feedback brings high visibility to the customer's journey along with helping techs at every level to understand the impact of their own actions. THD offers an intuitive customer feedback platform where you can gain a true understanding of your customer's decisions and offer them a value proposition unlike any other tool.

Still saving passwords on spreadsheets or post-it notes?

Securely store, manage and organize all passwords in THD. The passwords are encrypted with the industry's strongest encryption AES-256 bit standard. Use the built-in password generator to create strong passwords on the fly. Track and maintain a complete history of the password activity along with report of which user has access to various passwords.

Lead with facts, not feelings.

You can finally have a comprehensive look at your team’s performance, all in one place with THD. With access to Customer Feedback, BI Dashboards, Passwords, Alerts and Reports, it’s not a question of what you will know, but how you will use it.